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A Personal Trainer in Peterborough Who Works With You to Achieve Superb Results Safely and Effectively

All training programmes are based on clients' goals, physical limitations, and lifestyles to provide a truly bespoke training experience designed to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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Personal Training Company Peterborough Stamford





It's Personal, Personal Training Takes on Many Types of Clients

Whether you're looking for some weight loss help or you need to improve your balance, I can assist. My clients over the years include people with sport injuries in need of injury rehabilitation, postural issues, obesity, fibromyalgia, hypermobility, diabetes and more.

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Personal Training Company Peterborough Stamford





Push Yourself to a New Level of Fitness

Sometimes a personal trainer is necessary in order to achieve the fitness goals you set out for yourself. Motivation may be difficult muster on your own, but It's Personal, Personal Training is here to help you push harder than you realized you could.

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Personal Training Company Peterborough Stamford





Build Your Strength, Speed and Endurance in BOOTCAMP

Bootcamp is a class which pushes your body to its limits. Through the use of battle ropes, tyres, sandbags, sledgehammers and your own bodyweight, Bootcamp will help you lose weight, get leaner and stronger, and have fun in the process!

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Personal Trainer in Peterborough and Stamford

Safe, Effective and Personalised Training Programmes


My name is Liesl Norris and I am the owner and founder of It's Personal, Personal Training in Peterborough. When I first moved to the UK I was hired as a choreographer at The Stamford Arts Centre where I taught body movement, dance and acting to children between the ages of five to sixteen.

Your safety and well-being are my first priority. The exercise and diet programme you will receive from me will be specifically designed for you. I pride myself, and my company, on listening to you and building a programme that is specifically tailored to help you reach your goals. I research any issues you may need extra help with and I am constantly adding courses and certificates to my repertoire. 

I have had injuries, some I am still healing from, and I know how hard it can be to rest when all you want to do is MOVE! I know the frustrations of getting back into an exercise routine and I will work with you to help you achieve success.

My Personal Training Clients

In addition to those in need of weight loss assistance, those wanting to improve their body composition, and those looking to increase strength and general levels of fitness, I've worked with a great variety of clients including those with:

  • Postural Issues
  • Obesity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sport Injuries and Injury Rehabilitation

  • Hypermobility
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • A need for Surgery Preparation



My Personalised Programmes

I help clients with weight loss, strength and conditioning, functional training, free weights, body weight training, high intensity interval training, cardiovascular training, kettle bell training, gym-based boxing, TRX suspension training and PNF stretching. I customise each client's programme based on their goals and their existing conditions as well as considering their lifestyles and time frames.

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Bootcamp classes focus mainly on strength, toning and fat loss by utilising tyres, battle ropes, sandbags, sledgehammers and our own bodyweight, to achieve maximum results, through exercises that push your body to its limits. Bootcamps are just what they sound like; hard work. However, clients are encouraged to have fun with the exercises and each other as I believe that reaching goals needs to be as rewarding during the journey as it is at the end. I provide an environment in which you can gain motivation and share your frustrations with others who understand your goals. I offer support which everyone needs when deciding to change their lives!

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“I engaged the services of Liesl as a personal trainer over three months to get me fit for a knee replacement operation. I was significantly fitter, stronger and in good condition for my surgery as a direct result of her training.

Liesl constructed an interesting and varied set of programmes, that due to my restrictions and limitations required some unconventional thinking and innovation, using a mixture of cardio-vascular and weight equipment in both the gym and swimming pool. Liesl was always punctual and professional; and her programmes fun, effective and enjoyable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Liesl as a personal trainer, and if anyone wishes to contact me, then I am very happy for them to do so."

- Charles Murray, Model Builder

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This is a place where you can share your frustrations, get motivated, and find the support you need when trying to change for the better! Message me today to get started!


A Personal Trainer in Peterborough and Stamford with a Great Approach that Gets Results


"I've been working with Liesl for five sessions now and I have loved every minute of it! 

I have found her very encouraging which has helped me to not give up! I've lost a stone and inches off my waist and hips as a result of her sessions. She has a very positive attitude which helps someone as uncoordinated as myself keep going. I'm pushed to the limit with Liesl which I don't find I am with any other trainers, and I love finishing a session knowing I've worked my hardest.

I have a very different outlook on dieting with Liesl's help as she has a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who would ask!"

- Stephanie Palmer, Audi




“I have worked with Liesl personally and also recommended her to my pole students to help them get fitter and stronger for pole. Liesl is a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Totally committed to your results, but understanding of people's lifestyles, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to get results. I would highly recommend her.”

- Lucy Cropper, Owner of Lucy Pole



 Do you need a personal trainer in Peterborough, Stamford or Bourne? Get in touch with me if you have questions or if you just want to learn more!

Contact It's Personal, Personal Training if you need a reliable, effective and friendly personal trainer in Peterborough and Stamford. I design bespoke training programmes for each and every client. I don't believe in one size fits all solutions, and I consider clients' needs, goals, lifestyles, pre-existing conditions and more, resulting in a truly personalised experience. I run bootcamp classes as well. Sign up for bootcamp or a one to one session here. My services extend to clients in Bourne in addition to Peterborough and Stamford, to those in need of assistance with weight loss, sport Injuries and injury rehabilitation, and much more.

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My clients include those in need of weight loss, injury rehabilitation, better strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness, surgery preparation and more. See how I can help you!