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8) Don’t Let the Daily Grind Get You Down

Is the daily grind getting you down? You may be tired and sick of the politics at work, keeping up with the children and their school lives or trying to be the best partner to your husband or wife that you can be. Don’t give up on trying out a healthier lifestyle before you’ve begun. To lose weight and burn fat SAFELY takes time which means taking small steps or making small goals to make HUGE changes that will last a lifetime. Begin with one small goal to accomplish every day. A week or a month from now you may have one large goal you would like to accomplish in a year. You will then have identified small goals to lead up to your ultimate goal. 



7) Park in the Furthest Parking Spot Away from the Door.

Try to walk at a brisk pace. You want to feel a little sweaty and you should feel a little bit out of breath. Learn to love these walks because they will make you stronger and give your fitness levels a boost.


6) Small Meditation Sessions

Is your job stressful? Take a small two to three- minute break to focus on breathing and something that gives you peace.

If you get small breaks, use that time to go on a brisk walk. This will give you some time away from your desk and it will help you clear your mind thus making it easier to focus.

Check your notice boards at work. Sometimes employers will offer de-stressing activities such as yoga classes, sports clubs, after work drinks or get-togethers. 

 5) Take the Stairs

Bruce Lee always told people to take the stairs to stay in shape. I agree with this even now. Make taking the stairs a little goal you have to accomplish at work or in your everyday life. Then progress this goal to taking the stairs two steps at a time, then progress again to getting to the top of the stairs at a faster pace. Make this goal fun and entertaining for you.

 4) Make Healthier Snack and Lunch Choices at Work

Did you pack any fruit and vegetables for work?

There are so many varieties of fruits and vegetables it should be quite easy to find few to take to work with you. Snack on these between phone calls and emails and drink plenty of water. I love carrots, celery, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, aubergines (eggplant), humus, apples, bananas, oranges, and avocados.......... the list is almost endless!

Can you think of some vegetables you could take to work?

Check out some recipes here, www.abelandcole.co.uk   

 3) Squats or Lunges During Phone Calls

If you are lucky enough to have a headset at work, this will free you up to do lunges, squats or press-ups while on the phone. I would do lunges during my phone calls and my goal would be to do them during the entirety of the phone call. This is harder than you think but, once again, it's a small activity goal that you can work up to, plus it will help you nurture a healthy mindset and physically get you pumped to go to the gym!

 2) Stand at Your Desk

Now standing at your desk doesn't necessarily mean you will burn more calories but walking around while you are on a phone call certainly will burn more calories. You can also use this time to work on your posture. You will notice a massive difference in your health when you strengthen your abdominals, Obliques and back muscles. Working on your posture will also help increase your self-esteem. By standing up straight with your shoulders back and down and your abdominals braced (which strengthens your entire core) your confidence will build as your posture improves and you get stronger.

 1) Short Brisk Walks During Your Breaks and At Lunchtime

I lost my first 30 pounds of fat just taking walks during my breaks at work. I had two fifteen minute breaks and thirty minute lunch break. I would go on my walks and time myself. My goals during these breaks would be to walk further each time. I would walk for the first twenty minutes of my lunch break and then eat for last ten minutes. These walks provided much needed time to myself plus my eating habits gave me more energy through out the day and the weight started falling off. 

Don't let losing weight stress you out. Try these ideas out today! Think of new ways you can get moving and start losing!

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