10) Meditate

Meditating is so good for you. It alleviates stress and it gives you that so much needed 'you' time. It can help you focus and make you feel peaceful and grounded. It also reminds you to breathe and this process can help you process information better as well as make better focused decisions.


9) Negate Saying Negative Comments about Yourself

Stop making negative comments about yourself. You don't have to tell everyone how wonderful you are, but STOP MAKING NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOURSELF. You are a beautiful person but you need to see what makes you so beautiful as well. When you feel good about yourself, people will see you as more positive and it can be very contagious!


8) Join New Groups of People or Clubs

Sometimes being part of something bigger than you can help raise your self-esteem. Joining a community of like-minded individuals will give you a sense of belonging. Contributing to a community, can you give you a feeling of being needed as well as appreciated. Knowing you are doing something important will increase your confidence as well as your self-esteem.


7) Keep Track of Your Accomplishments and Learn From Your Failures

Appreciate your hard work when you accomplish something!!! Enjoy it, flourish in it. Then decide how you are going to accomplish your next goal! Making goals every time you accomplish one is a great way to keep succeeding and to keep learning.

This is a big one. We all fail at something from time to time but don't give up! Learn! What will you do differently next time? Are the circumstances different? Failure is learning and getting stronger. We do exercises to fail sometimes. Why? It makes you stronger! Your self esteem will grow as your strength grows.


6) Take Exercise Classes That Help Build Your Confidence Up

When you participate in team sports or fitness classes you are joining a group of like-minded individuals as well as giving yourself an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. These people can give you a reason to book on to the next class even if you don't feel like going. They can also inspire you and motivate you to keep going when you are not feeling as motivated during the exercises. You never know, you may be that person that inspires and motivates others in your classes. 




5) Cut Out Any Foods That Make You Bloat 

Pay attention to your body!!!!! Listen to your body!!! I tell this to my clients as well as people who participate in my classes. If you eat something that gives you wind (gas) or makes you feel bloated, and in turn makes you body conscience, take a break from it. You could have an intolerance or an allergy to that specific food or your body may not like it. Either way, we all feel better when we are not bloated.


4) Get a Good Night's Sleep

What's that you ask? I get it. If you have children or a job that keeps you up with stress or anxiety, this can feel like an impossible task. We all need sleep though so do whatever you can to get it. I have succumbed to going to sleep when the children go to bed at night on evenings where I feel exhausted. I know that if I feel better everyone in the family will be happier. Good night!


3) Eat a Healthier Diet

Start eating healthier foods and try to cook all your meals from scratch if you can. It doesn't take as long as you might think and your body will thank you. Just making one meal from scratch may be a little goal for you. You will notice the weight coming off and you will start feeling like a new person.


2) Give Yourself Positive Affirmations

Worried about a promotion? Don't think you can get it? Of course you can! Do the work and trust yourself! Give yourself a goal and then just do it! Don't think hit the ground running until you accomplish that goal. When it gets hard, look at yourself in the mirror and ask what you can do to accomplish this goal, then tell yourself you are awesome and you WILL do it! Believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, other will start to believe in. You are AMAZING! Now let the world see it!



1) Set Goals

As stated before, SET GOALS. Goals are so important, they give you something to work towards and they help you grow as a person. Start with small achievable goals. When you accomplish those goals, set more goals. Goals are great for raising your self-esteem. What raises your self-esteem more than accomplishing a goal?


 There is nothing wrong with working on yourself and bringing that beauty you have to the surface. When you feel good about yourself and you begin loving yourself, you can project those feelings to the people around you. You can help others see that it is ok to love oneself. 

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