Ever wanted to test your physical limits, but lacked the motivation? Enter, BOOTCAMP!

Liesl is a Level 4 Personal Trainer with specialist training and we can cater to ALL abilities. Our BOOTCAMPS offer a variety of fun and exciting exercises that challenge you both physically and mentally. We encourage a supportive and fun environment to help you reach your goals.  Everyone at BOOTCAMP supports and motivates each other whether you are extremely advanced or a beginner. We adapt any exercise to suit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!



What tools are utilised?

01. Tyres

We love Tyres so much we use them for a variety of exercises designed to help you burn fat, increase fitness levels and build strength. We have a range of tyre sizes to cater for all body types and abilities.

02. Sledgehammers 

Sledgehammers are amazing! They bring you back to the days of chopping wood and building railroads. Sledgehammers not only help build a strong body but they are also great at releasing stress and frustration.


03. Battle Ropes

We love battle ropes for the benefits and challenges they offer our Boot Campers, from fat burning to core stamina and strength Battle Ropes push you beyond your expectations and closer to your GOALS!


Sometimes you just have to move stuff about and our Sandbags love to be heaved and hauled by our Boot Campers. Whether you are pushing or pulling, there is nothing better than a Sandbag to challenge you..



Gain strength, lose fat, increase coordination and improve your conditioning!

Our Boot Camps are designed around daily living, we have tailored our exercises around proper function and posture so YOU can see the results of exercise in your everyday activities. You won't see flashy aesthetic enhancing exercises and you definitely won't experience bullying or negative attitudes at our Boot Camp. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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